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- Always respect other players.
- Do not bully, or harass, or shame other players.
- Never troll, or make an unpleasant experience for other players.
- Do not create false reports, or lie in player reports.
- Never evade punishments, if you believe you have been falsely punished, please contact a staff member.
- Sharing personal information is prohibited for both yourself and other players.

Chat rules:
- Only english is allowed in general chat, so we can moderate it.
- Do not make people uncomfortable in chat, making sexual/gruesome comments for example.
- Keep talk about controversial topics out of general chat, like politics for example.
- Do not spam the chat.
- Limit your use of caps lock, if in excess you may be warned/punished.
- Do not beg for free items or ranks, from staff, or from anybody else.
- Advertising servers and your social media in general chat is strictly prohibited.

In-game rules:
- Stealing/raiding and/or griefing is strictly prohibited, and will result in severe punishment.
- Do not claim anything that is abandoned or is not your own.
- Do not harm/kill any other player unless you agreed to pvp eachother fairly.
- Hacked clients are not allowed under any circumstances. BadlionClient is allowed aslong as no unfair mods are added.
- Never create inappropriate/racist/disrespectful builds or signs of any kind.
- Do not add troll items to the auction house (such as grass for 500k).

Lag rules:
- 0 tick farms are not allowed.
- Do not make anti-afk machines

Claiming rules:
- You may not claim, or steal from, or grief anything that is not yours. (Even if it is abandoned)- You may not claim, or steal from, or grief anything that is not yours. (Even if it is abandoned)