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Serene Survival Rules
1. Do not harass, bully, or disrespect other members of Serene.
2. No griefing, raiding, or stealing from builds - claimed or unclaimed. (If a claim is abandoned for 90 days, it will be removed and is then "free game".)
3. Do not excessively beg others or ask for free things in chat.
4. Keep talk of controversial topics such as religion, gender, sexuality, politics, war, drug/alcohol use (high, drunk, etc.), etc. out of general chat. (/msg, /partychat, and /guildchat are fine to discuss these topics in - we DO allow you to discuss YOUR gender/sexuality in global; we just don't allow debates on it in global as we want everyone to feel accepted!)
6. Do not share or reveal personal information (phone numbers, emails, full names, etc.) on Serene beyond Discords.
7. Do not share/advertise another server in any chat, on a sign, or in the Discord.
8. Swearing is allowed if not in excess and not directed to insult other members.
9. Do not bypass family chat by misspelling swears.
10. Do not use any sort of racial, mental, or LGBTQ+ slurs in any chat, on in-game signs, or in any other capacity.
11. Disrespect and toxicity is forbidden. Serene does not tolerate any amount of racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, etc. - if it's offensive/rude, don't say it
12. Respect staff members decisions. If you have an issue with it, please use private messages to settle disputes or talk to an Admin+. Arguing with a staff member's decision is not permitted.
13. Do not scam, troll, or sell "bait" items to fool players - this includes selling items spawned in creative! They cannot be used by players without creative.
14. Do not create massive redstone systems, sorters, farms, or anything of the sort that can lag the server. AFK farms/fish farms are also forbidden, as well as mods that prevent you from being AFK kicked, but sitting by your grinders is fine!
15. Do not joke about ANY form of abuse, suicide, pedophilia, or anything of that nature.
16. Please keep global chat to English only! Use /partychat, /guildchat, or /msg for other languages. This is just for staff to moderate.
17. Keep your builds at least 100 blocks from other players or your claim is subject to removal - this is not a concern if you have the permission of the other player!
18. PVP must be consensual! Do not kill or take items from another player without permission - this does not apply if in the PVP arena. If a player has their PVP toggled on, it does not automatically mean consent.
19. Do not spam global chats or overuse ads for shops/services.
20. Do not spam place/world grief with lava or water.
21. Please only have ONE account online at a time - you can use alts, but make sure staff is aware of who your alt is and not to have them online together.
22. Do not use alts to cheat, get more items, or to AFK farm.
23. Do not abuse bugs/exploits - please report all bugs or exploits found to a staff member. Use of exploits and bugs are forbidden.
24. Keep nicknames short with minimal bold, and don't overuse bold/advertisements of shops in global chat. The use of &k is also forbidden.